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Coronavirus: Measures set in force by the Correctional Service

  • Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service - Norwegian abbreviation: KDI
  • Information in this document might be subject to change, due to the current circumstances. 

As of 27 May 2020, ten staff members of the correctional service have been infected by the Corona virus. Nine cases of Corona virus has been registered among inmates / convicted persons. Six of the cases are inmates in Bastøy prison. The three other convicted persons are serving a sentence in the community. Of the 19 persons infected by the virus, all but one have currently recovered. 

The number of infected within the correctional service is updated every Wednesday.  

In light of the general situation as regards prevention of spread of Covid -19 in the society, the prevention of spreading the virus in the correctional service, as well as the gradual reopening of the society in general, the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service has decided that some of the measures introduced be adjusted as of 18 May 2020. As of 20 May, inmates will, to some extent, be allowed to receive visits.

The Norwegian Correctional Service stresses that the abolishment of special measures related to the Covid-19 virus will happen gradually, and in line with national health policies. 

The correctional service aims to prevent spreading of the Corona virus. We are following the situation closely, and are adjusting the measures according to the needs. The prisons have good control of all persons entering the prisons and also those who are leaving the prisons. All facilities have extra focus on and attention towards hygiene, in order to prevent spreading of the Corona virus, and to ensure a safe execution of sentences.