The Directorate of Norwegian Correction`s International Unit handles applications regarding international study visits while media requests are handled by the unit which you request to visit. Journalist may also use the form at the end of this section to apply. The request will then be forwarded to the unit in question.A list of our prisons is available here, and a list of our probation offices is available here.  

The Correctional Service has Norwegian and English as working languages, hence, all visits will be conducted in either of those languages. If interpretation service is needed, this will be booked and paid for by the visiting delegation.

Please note that the Norwegian Correctional Service receive a large number of inquiries from governments, organizations and media from all over the world. Due to capacity reasons, we are not able to facilitate all requested visits.       

In-country transportations (such as travelling to and from study visit locations) are to be arranged and paid for by the visiting delegation. The International Unit may provide information regarding booking procedures.

In general, the Norwegian Correction Service only approves visitors representing official organizations, governments, NGOs, students and the media.