• Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service - Norwegian abbreviation: KDI
  • Information in this document might be subject to change, due to the current circumstances. 

As of  29 November 54 members of staff and 22 inmates / convicted persons have been infected by the Corona virus. 20 members of staff and 9 inmates / convicted persons have not yet recovered.   

Due to the increase in the spread of the Corona virus in October/November, the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service has introduced new measures for both inmates and convicted persons from November 6. These measures were November 26 prolonged to be in force until December 18, upon which a new assessment will be made based on the general infection situation.

The correctional service aims to prevent spreading of the Corona virus. We are following the situation closely, and are adjusting the measures according to the needs. The prisons have good control of all persons entering the prisons and also those who are leaving the prisons. All facilities have extra focus on and attention towards hygiene, in order to prevent spreading of the Corona virus, and to ensure a safe execution of sentences.