The aim is to prevent/reduce the risk for an outbreak within the correctional service, and to protect peoples` lives and health. 

Each prison or probation office is entitled to make their own assessments, based on guidelines from the Directorate.

These measures were November 26 prolonged to be in force until December 18, upon which a new assessment will be made based on the general infection situation.

As a general rule, community sentence will continue as long as it is practically possible, respecting the current infection control rules, which are in force in the different geographical areas. Depending on the infection situation in different areas, certain adjustments as to how community sentence can be implemented must be taken into consideration.
One decisive factor is to ensure that infection control rules from national health authorities can be respected, at the same time as staff members and convicted persons can be protected towards infection.

Measures to be considered if there is a local outbreak of infection

If there is an outbreak of infection in one restricted area, it should be considered whether it is possible to continue to implement community sentence. 

In addition to the normal hygienic and other infection control measures, the following measures can be considered:
  • Avoid physical meetings
  • Substitute planned group activities with other individually tailored activities.
  • Postpone execution of judgments from court
Please note that the list above is not exhaustive. 

In areas with high infection rates, convicted persons should to the extent possible be followed up via digital channels of communication. 

In case the probation offices should face a situation where a substantial number of staff members should be subject to quarantine or isolation, leading to a subsequent need of prioritizing both cases and convicted persons, KDI asks the probation offices to give priority to measures which are deemed necessary from a security point of view, as well as to the care for minors.

Possibility to temporarily interrupt the execution of community sentence

The probation offices have the possibility, in extraordinary cases, to consider whether the execution of sentence should be interrupted, in case it is impossible to execute the sentence in a secure way, with a real content. 

The overall infection situation may lead to challenges when it comes to activation of the convicted persons. In case the probation offices experience that private actors, NGOs etc. are not any longer able to offer the convicted persons agreed activities, the probation offices should try to find alternative solutions. 

In case it is not possible to find alternative solutions, it should be considered whether the sentence should be interrupted. A precondition for an interruption in the execution of sentence, is that the convicted person agrees to this, and that the correctional service considers that an interruption is considered to be safe.