Mobil Versjon

Focus areas of the national crisis response team of the correctional service

  • Prevent and handle the risk of infection in accordance with the development of the circumstances.
  • Maintain a calm and secure situation in the correctional service, among staff members, inmates and in the society in general.
  • Motivate and support staff members who are facing difficult situations.
  • Maintain security and trust within the organization.
  • Provide regular information to all relevant parties, in order to secure a common understanding between the regions, KRUS, directorates that cooperate with the correctional service and the Ministry of Juatice and Public Security. The national crisis team is also responsible for the coordination between all the above-mentioned parties.
  • Coordinate the activities of the regional administrations, in order to secure a harmonized practice.
  • Prepare professional advice and recommendations to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Strategic priorities

  • Suspend the use of cells with more than one bed, in order to have single-occupancy only.
  • Reduce the number of inmates in facilities with lower security
  • Increase the use of electronic monitoring
  • Reduce the level of activity in the probation service
  • Avoid transfer of inmates between facilities, to the extent possible.
  • Focus on prevention of spread of infection of the Corona virus in all facilities, offering compensating measures to inmates, such as the introduction of video consultations
  • Introduction of alternative measures, in order to reduce the burden for inmates, for whom the leisure and daily activities have been reduced.

KDI stresses the importance of the following when it comes to prevention of spread of the virus:

  • In case there is a suspection of disease, the facility shall in cooperation with the health service map the infection risk among staff members and inmates.
  • National guidelines for quarantine and isolation shall be followed.
  • Inmates who are infected shall not be transferred to another geographical location.
  • Inmates who are infected shall to the greatest extent possible be gathered in one unit/department within the facility.
  • Staff members shall to the extent possible work in only one unit/department.
  • Staff members shall not work in different geographical locations.
  • If somebody is infected, staff members shall be put in quarantine in accordance with the national guidelines established by the health authorities.